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The Grand Solmar Cancellations Awareness Team says that vacation rental properties are a great way for both the owners and guests to take advantage of a great opportunity. Those who own a vacation rental property are able to use their premier property to give travelers a place to stay while on a trip. The guests are able to utilize a condo, apartment, or house while on vacation instead of staying in a hotel. However, there are certain things that vacation rental owners need to be aware of when it comes to cancellations.

The most important thing for vacation rental owners to do is come up with a cancellation policy that is both clear and to the point. By having a policy that renters are aware of, it will make it easier on both parties when a cancellation occurs. Important things that should be included in such a policy are what penalties will occur if a cancellation takes place, and how far in advance a cancellation can be given without having to pay a fee for it.

While you may have a cancellation policy in place, there still may be some things that are hard for you to say no to. The Grand Solmar Cancellations Awareness Team knows that vacation rental owners likely have to deal with travelers who are calling to cancel because of a variety of different reasons and could not have given any further notice. For example, if someone calls and says that their husband was in a terrible accident and they cannot make it, you may be able to bend the rules a little bit. Having a conscience definitely comes into play in these situations, and you may be able to change the cancellation policy for these unique circumstances.

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