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When it comes to vacations, the excitement of planning a getaway to a favorite destination can sometimes become clouded by an unforeseen circumstance or unfortunate event. Whatever type of issue occurs, Grand Solmar knows that life is sometimes unpredictable. There are a lot of steps that must be taken in order to go about cancelling reservations, and here are some of the best ways to help when it comes to rental car.

1. Inform As Soon As Possible: When it comes to handling any kind of reservation, the sooner the cancellation is completed the less of a chance for any issues. Many car rental services do incur penalties or fees if canceled less than 48 hours in advance. As long as you cancel during the fee-free window, there won’t be any issues. If it’s unavoidable, still inform them as soon as possible to help avoid any additional fees.

2.  Third party booking sites sometimes make for harder changes: The lure of saving money is something that appeals to many travelers, but sometimes, using third party websites can lead to problems. It’s important to note that each of these companies have their own set of cancellation rules and regulations These websites often don’t offer any types of refunds and also carry fines when canceling. How much these are really depends which website is used but is something to definitely take into consideration.

3. Try Changing Instead Doing a Cancellation: Just like some airline policies, many rental car companies do allow changes to reservations dates with little to no penalty, provided that it is taken care of again in that certain time frame. Grand Solmar knows this sometimes does provide a better option for those dealing with any circumstances that prevent a trip at the time but may happen in the future.

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